Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Spring Training: Day 3 

Still just pitchers and catchers working out, with the position players "informally" working out. Curt Schilling's pitching group is himself, Jonathan Papelbon, Josh Beckett, and Jon Lester. Let me tell you, I love typing all four of those names in the same sentence. Reportedly, Schill has already taken Beckett under his wing. Hopefully, his good habits will rub off on the rest of the bunch.

Craig Hansen claims that he has added a changeup to his arsenal. If he can master a changeup to go along with his high-90s heater and his high-80s slider, this kid will be unhittable.

“I’ve been throwing it in a couple of bullpens down here and it feels great. It’s got a lot of movement. I’m pretty happy with it right now.”
--Craig Hansen on the development of his changeup

Jonathan Papelbon has also added a new pitch. After throwing mostly four-seamer fastballs last year, Papelbon returned to Jacksonville this offseason and fine-tuned his two-seamer. According to Papelbon, the "two-seam is going to be the next pitch that really takes me to the next level." He definitely needs to add another pitch to his repertoire if he consistently wants to be successful as a starter. Mastering a changeup would do wonders.

Multiple reports on SoSH claim that Dustin Pedroia (pictured left) looks larger this year. Supposedly, he hit the weights big time this offseason and put on approximately 15 pounds of muscle, mainly in the upper body. The kid has an incredible worth ethic. No doubt in my mind that he's going be successful at the Major League level (hopefully beginning in Boston in April).

David Wells is in camp, and seems to be pretty jovial. While I disagree with his trade demand, he's going about it the best way possible. Just get to camp, do your work, and let the team take care of you. No distractions. I'm still confident the Sox work something out with a west-coast club. An outfield prospect in return would be
terrific. The fact that he stiffed Dan Shaughnessy's lame request for an interview on Monday is also alright by me.

Is there anything better than Spring Training photos? I didn't think so. Thus far, the Boston Globe has done an excellent job with photos from the workouts. New photos should be added to this link daily, so make sure to bookmark it and check back often -- The Boston Red Sox at Spring Training.

Although many position players have already arrived, the rest (sans Manny) are due to arrive tomorrow. Let's all hope no one shows up 17 pounds overweight like former Sox farmhand Josh Hancock.

David Wells jovial? What have you been smoking/ The guy leaves early, plays 6th grade catch while he is at camp, and is a pain in the butt who better get his ass in gear. Really! Jovial?

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