Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sox hope to turn it around vs Pinstripes 

A 3-6 roadtrip? Color me displeased. The comeback win on Saturday was nice, but you just can't lose 2-of-3 to Tampa. The offense really needs to pick up the slack, and hopefully Fenway will be just the cure for their hitting woes.

It was a nice attempt at a comeback earlier tonight, but really, the Sox were lucky to get as close as they did at the end. Rudy Seanez? Can you feel that breathing on your neck? It's Craig Hansen. We'll see if you're still on the club come mid-June.

So what will tomorrow night be like? It's going to be interesting, that's for sure. I'll be at the game, and my personal plan is to applaud Johnny, then mildly boo him for the rest of his at-bats. I just can't look past what he did in Game 7 of the ALCS, so he deserves to be thanked for that.

After that? He's a Yankee, and you won't find me cheering for him. I'm actually hoping something spontaneous breaks out as his name is announced. Nothing would be sweeter than a "COCO'S BETTER" chant as Johnny strolls to the plate. Too good to be true? Perhaps, but who honestly expected Mariano Rivera to receive a standing-o when he was announced at Opening Day 2005?

As for the actual game, and the series for that matter, I'm pretty thrilled that we didn't draw Randy Johnson because this club can't hit a lefty to save its life. In 25 games thus far, the Sox have faced a lefty starter 10 times! In a league where roughly 20% of the games are started by a left-hander, you really begin to realize the tough draw that the Sox have received. Wanna be depressed? Take a look at the Sox lefty/righty splits that I've posted on the stats website. In a word -- ugly.

I hate to say it, because I know the guy is giving it his all, but this may be Josh Bard's last chance to rein in the knuckler. If his passed balls end up being the difference in a game versus the Yankees, I just don't think the Sox can continue to employ him, just from a PR standpoint (and I'm usually one that really doesn't give a hoot about these things). It really makes you appreciate how talented Doug Mirabelli really was. Still, despite Loretta's struggles, I make that trade every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Recently acquired Corky Miller (pictured left) is currently the catcher in Pawtucket and has experience catching knuckle-baller Jared Fernandez in Cincinnati. There were rumors that he could have been called upon to catch Wakefield on Monday, but it appears the Sox are giving Bard one last shot.

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